Thursday, 6 July 2017

Leibster Blog Award

A while back (I'm a Master Procrastinator), Gray at Writing is Life nominated me for the Leibster Blog Award.

 Now I had to look this up, because I'm still pretty new to blogging and all the traditions etc. But apparently the Liebster Award is "for new blogs and/or those with fewer than 200 followers, and [is] meant to motivate newcomers to the blogging community". "Liebster" means something along the lines of sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome - it's German. (That link also talks a lot about what the Liebster Award is for and what you do with it.)

The Liebster Award is to share the blogging love - you're trying to get your readers to check out newer/lesser-known (but awesome) bloggers. When 'nominated', you can display some sort of award icon if you like. Write a post which -
    a) thanks [and talking up the blog of] the person who nominated you;
    b) answers any questions they asked you (and includes new ones for the next bloggers to answer); and
    c) nominates some relatively unknown blogs you think deserve more notice. (Don't forget to comment on their blogs and tell them!)

'kay. So. Gray is... awesome! She was the force behind the beginning of the #RebelliousWriting movement. She wrote a rant about how writers have to be readers to be good at their craft. She's sweet and replies really quickly to comments on her blog. She has an amazing singing voice, too, which I was fortunate enough to hear in a Q&A vlog. (Sorry, Gray, but it's true xD) If you haven't checked out Gray's blog - or joined the #RebelliousWriting movement (which is getting its own website soon?) - then you should definitely go have a look! (And then come back, obviously...)

*flaps at you*

And Gray asked me eleven fascinating questions!

--{1. What is your biggest pet peeve?}--

(I apologise for any trauma that may have been suffered as a result of these images; however, I refuse to take any responsibility.)

--{2. What is one of your favourite things?}--
My laptop? I mean, for a long time I didn't have much access to the amazing (and also really frightening) thing called 'the internet' unless I was using it for school. I am pleased that I no longer have to keep all my secret stories stuff on a USB because #littlesisters.

--{3. Do you have a song stuck in your head? If so, which one?}--
At the time Gray tagged me, Fireflies and Vanilla Twilight.

Now, Fireflies, Vanilla Twilight, Fuzzy Blue Lights, The Saltwater Room, Dental Care (so punny!), On the Wing, and My Everything. I refuse to apologise: I have a lot of catching up to do.

(Anyway, I only know the lyrics to Fireflies [and it's ANNOYING when I have one of the others stuck in my head and I can't sing along]. I'm not obsessed. *coughs*)

--{4. What is your favourite book from this week?}--
I'd like to say Legend by Marie Lu or The Lost Kingdom of Bamarre by Gail Carson Levine. But I read them last week.

The only book I've actually read in the last seven days is How to Speak Dragonese by Cressida Cowell. (I preferred How to Train Your Dragon. And I haven't seen the movies.)

--{5. What is your favourite movie from this week?}--
Kung Fu Panda 2. It's also the only movie I've watched this week. (It's still really funny, though.)

But my brother borrowed my copy of The Hobbit [book], and now he's on The Lord of the Rings (even though he normally reads non-fiction), so I'm hoping I can watch the Hobbit trilogy with him! Sometime! Not sure when! Gotta love tertiary study!

 --{6. Do you have a favourite YouTuber? If so, who?}--
I'm actually not sure as to the definition of YouTuber, but I love listening to Peter Hollens, Owl City and the Piano Guys; I also love Studio C.

--{7. White, milk, or dark chocolate?}--

White chocolate is not chocolate. I don't care if it's with raspberries in a cheesecake. It isn't chocolate. And dark chocolate is 'adult chocolate'. At least in my experience, kids don't like it. (I am not an adult. I am a kid.)

...But of course, if someone's handing out white or dark chocolate, will I say no? Of course not. (If for no other reason, then because if I do, my siblings will have had more treats than me. I know. I am pettiness personified.)

--{8. What is your favourite word?}--
My- WHAT? of all the words in the world, I have to pick one?? Based on what??

--{9. Do you have a secret talent?}--
I can wiggle my ears. And raise either eyebrow independently of the other. These talents are actually quite useful on quests.

--{10. Who is the first person that comes to mind when you think "weird"?}--

Is that weird?

*doesn't answer my own question*

--{11. Would you rather be super famous or rich and unknown? Why?}--
Rich and unknown. That way I could help people who needed it, without the gossip magazines questioning my motives and saying dirty things about me in general.

Also, if I was super famous, I would have to talk to hoards of people. PEOPLE. (Introvert talking here...)
ugh people
I mean they can be great but sometimes they get a bit much irl.
especially in large bunches

Now there are a heap of amazing bloggers out there, floating in the blogosphere, waiting for people to realize their amazingness...

But I'm not much of an explorer. I like my comfortable circles.
And even when I do find a new blog, I tend to follow + read + basically stalk + not comment. Which means the blogger doesn't actually know me. So having me rave about them would feel weird.

Still, here are some fairly new blogs that you should all go check out (if you haven't already) because they're pretty awesome: 

The Florid Sword: Faith started blogging around the same time I did - March this year - but she posts more consistently than me, so her blog feels more 'developed'. ;) She blogs about writing and faith in the real world and music. (and musicals. she'd love to talk to you about Hamilton.)

a surge of thunder: Andrea's first post was in February this year. She writes about writing and raves about reading, which is of course awesome, because those are VERY IMPORTANT topics.

Audrey Caylin: Audrey started blogging in October last year. She writes encouraging posts about life and posts about writing (I'm starting to see a pattern here??) And she just had a blog makeover, which looks amazing.

So, girls, I'm passing the Leibster Blog Award to you.
Here are a few blog-related questions I'd love to see you three answer! 
1. Why did you begin blogging?
2. What blogs inspired yours when you were starting out?
3. What's your blog's 'theme'? (whether topics, visuals, aesthetics, sense of humour...)
4. What fictional character would be your arch-nemesis? (HAHAHA NO I NEVER PROMISED A THEME TO THESE QUESTIONS, YOU MUST BE MISTAKEN)

And of course I'd love to see anyone else answer these questions in the comments!


  1. oooh I loved this so much!! That first question though- *shudders* That was horrible. *tries to recover from the trauma of seeing such awfulness* XD

    1. Perhaps I should have put a warning before the pictures instead of after - I could seriously traumatize someone! Sorry, Jane... *sends coffee cake to help you recover* xD

  2. Awww, thanks for tagging me! And your comments on my blog are so sweet. I'm so glad you like it :)

    1. You're welcome, Faith! Your blog is a lovely mix of writing and faith. :)

  3. *fangirls* you are an Owl City fan? Me too! and I can also wiggle my ears and raise my eyebrows independently (some of my family complain I use my eyebrows too much in my expressions *smirk*) Such a cool tag and great answers.

    I'm a little weird too. For instance, I talk to myself and to /things/ (stuff like my computer, my pen, my papers, my homework, my books, my toys) a lot. too much. for instance, I'm in the library and talking softly to all the books on the shelf, like "I'd like to read you, but sorry, my tbr is exploding," or "There you are! I've been looking for you!" or "Eh. Not you. Go away." and then some people pass by and I'm like, "oops, I shouldn't be talking aloud or they'll think I'm nuts". (I probably said that aloud to the books too xD)

    1. I'm quite new to Owl City, but I love his mix of innocence, hope and seemingly-random ideas (also his mixed metaphors). ;)

      Sometimes, at the meal table, I start a Mexican [Eyebrow] Wave and it's hilarious watching my family's faces as they try to do it. Highly recommend xD

      I DO THAT TOO, LISA! I'll be in the library/shops/wherever and realise I'm talking to myself (or things), and then talk to myself about how I shouldn't be talking to myself. xD *high-fives*

  4. I honestly forgot all about this tag! But I'm glad you did it, and I loved reading the answers to the questions that were apparently mine! XD

    And you made me blush, or you would've, but I have a really bad sunburn so my face is already red!!!

    Thanks for doing this tag!

    1. Yep, Gray, those questions were from you ;) (I just took a looong time to write this post, sorry!) They were great fun to answer, too - except #8. *grumpy face* I mean, there are heaps of fascinating words - and words we don't have in English but should - and words I just like the sound of. What's your favourite word?

      Aww, thanks! (hope you recover soon :)

    2. No problem! :P

      I think my favorite word is eutony, but it changes every month, last month's was cacophony!

    3. *subtly Googles eutony*

      Cacophony is a cool word, both for meaning and for sound!
      *sits here saying cacophony several times over*

  5. AAHH I LOVE THIS <3 Seriously, the way you answered the questions was super fun to read xD

    Ha, yes, pattern? Definitely not ;) I've just sort of found a niche that people like reading and I love writing so it's a win win. But yeah, I try to do one or two "inspirational" ones a month and have the other ones focus on something writing related.

    Thanks for tagging me! :D

    audrey caylin

    1. I'm so glad to hear that, Audrey! <3

      Your niche is great! :D The inspirational posts are great for writers too - I think we young writers need a lot of encouragement, but some of the most inspiring things I've read are also BY young writer/bloggers, which is awesome.

      You're welcome! :)

  6. Those are fun answers! The pictures to the first one made me a bit twitchy, though. Have you ever read Eats, Shoots and Leaves by Lynne Truss?
    My answer for question #11: The latter. I would have the money to build hidden rooms full of books- like a bookworm batman!

    1. I HAVE read Eats, Shoots and Leaves! It was hilarious! (although content warning to anyone else reading this, some [completely unnecessary, grr] crude language)

      And why did I not think of that?? That is the BEST thing!! Thanks, Blue!

  7. Haha I love your answer to number 8! XD How dare she ask such a cruel question???
    Loved reading your post as always, Catherine! :D

    1. I know - I try to answer all questions, but that one, I just couldn't! ;)

      (And I got your other comment, Melissa - that's okay about the name! Internet troubles are really frustrating - I hope it's working better today! :)

    2. That question is impossible to answer! :D

      Sorry about that! (*grumbles "stupid internet"*) I'm glad you forgive me though. :) My internet is a little better now so I can actually see that it's JEM's post that I'm reading! XD

  8. Lovely blog and great answers!

    I gave your blog a follow, and I would truly appreciate it if you could check out my book reviews blog located at and possibly give it a follow as well! Looking forward to reading more of your reviews!

    - El

    1. Hi El! Thanks for reading :)

      I've seen you around the blogosphere, I think! Is your blog new? I'll definitely check it out!

  9. We are basically twins??? How did I not know this before??? We must have been separated at birth...


    Those signs traumatized me. Ouch.

    I watch ever YouTube video of Peter Holland, the Piano Guys, Owl City, and Studio C!!!!! (Especially Studio C!)

    I love how obsessed with Ocean Eyes you are. It is my favorite Owl City album so far, though I adore Midsummer Station as well... And I agree!!! It is so aggravating to have a song stuck in your head but not know the words to it!!!

    I can move my LEFT eyebrow independently but not my right. Is that weird??? ;)

    And lastly... is Hawkeye your favorite Avenger or am I just imagining things???

    1. I did not know I had a twin, Kate??? *highfives*

      I don't understand how so many people can NOT be traumatized by signs like that, honestly. How is it socially acceptable to put things like that in public??

      Those YouTubers are awesome, I agree! And Ocean Eyes is great - although now I have All Things Bright and Beautiful as well, so I'd have to add Plant Life and a HEAP of other songs to my 'Obssessed' list xD I'll have to look out for Midsummer Station ;)

      We're all weird, Kate xD Weird and special!

      Nooo, you're completely imagining things... ;) I'm terrible at picking a single favourite, but Hawkeye is definitely one of my favourite Avengers. (And he does excellent faces for use as GIFs!)


      Ughhhhh. I have no idea. They burn my eyeballs.

      Yay!! All Things is fabulous! Midsummer Station is much sadder than his other stuff and just breaks my heart. His newest album is called Mobile Orchestra and has a much more... praise-and-worship-y feel to it?? Which is kind of a bummer if you ask me (his own unique style was so special!!) but there are still some songs on there worth checking out!

      Huh. We're reverse twins????

      I'm awful at picking favorites too, don't worry. :) I say that Cap is my favorite but Thor... and Iron Man... and Hawkeye... I also love Black Widow but does she even count??? WHO CAN KNOW. *elaborate shrug*

    3. Nooo there must be a rule somewhere that says Owl City is not allowed to be sad???

      Black Widow is awesome too - and Thor is adorable (and an Aussie ;) - and Cap and Tony are bEST FRIENDS STOP HITTING EACH OTHER YOU FOOLS. (Sorry. Just watched Civil War.) x(

    4. I find that most of his stuff has a certain wistfulness to it, but yeah, Midsummer Station crushes my soul.

      Right?? Yas!! His Aussiness is precious and erghhhhh, agreed!! Haven't seen Civil War yet but REALLY WANT TO!!

    5. We Aussies claim Chris Hemsworth as our own xD Civil War was- well, there were some really funny lines! and it was so cool seeing all the heroes gather (i.e. Ant-man) and Sam is, as always, precious. But the whole punching-each-other-to-a-squishy-pulp bit? Not so nice :(

    6. LUCKY!!!! I can imagine!! We got to watch a bit of Age Of Ultron the other day and it was a lot like that. But yeah, when I watch Civil War, I anticipate that it will crush my soul a little bit.

    7. Yes. It will crush your soul. Like a grape.

      But, you know, I guess Civil War could be worse! It could have gone like in the comics! Not only were there WAY more people involved (i.e. MORE opportunity for heartbreak), but it ended with Steve Rogers being arrested... and shot on the courthouse steps by his girlfriend, who'd been hypnotized by the SHIELD psychologist.

    8. (#Tangled) I'M READY!

      WAIT WHAT?!?!?!?!? Does he DIE????????

    9. YES YOU GOT MY REFERENCE (would have been awkward otherwise xD)

      Uh... in the comics, everyone dies at least once, basically. But after Steve gets shot and dies in comic!Civil War, he somehow comes back later?? (I haven't read the one that explains how, yet...) IN THE MOVIE STEVE DOES NOT DIE. (Thankfully.)

    10. *fistbump* I get AAAALLLLLL the references. ;)

      WOW. :))) Right, I knew he didn't die in Civil War but... I'm scared that he will in Infinity War???? *distant screaming*

    11. WHAT. NO. I NEVER EVEN CONSIDERED THAT. Cap can't die!! *shrieks*

    12. HAVE YOU SEEN THE TRAILER???? OHMYHEART. OHDEARIE ME. Cap is going to die. I mean, he is just too good for this world and I can feel his death approaching (from an artistic point of view, it would be a masterful move, I have to admit??? Either he or IronMan has got to go, really. (Maybe Thor...) Cap is that very Morally Good character whose death would inspire everyone else to keep fighting or be better people, IronMan is that Very Flawed character who could be redeemed if he gave his life for everyone else or something drastic like that.) One of them is going to die, I just know it. AND MY FEELS WILL BE CRUSHED FOREVER.

    13. I HAVE. AND NO. NOOO. *covers ears* *screams* NO ONE IS DYING IF I HAVE ANY SAY. Which I don't.

      ...then again, I haven't read the Infinity War comics, but from what other people have been saying, Mark Ruffalo's "spoiler" that "everyone dies" might be accurate??

    14. I'm going to see it when it comes out and I AM PUMPED. And a little sad because I know it will be sad.

      You know... I think I'd be MORE OKAY with everyone dying than just Cap or one of my other babies dying by himself?? Is that weird??

    15. I was going to say "KATE HOW COULD YOU", but then I thought about that idea a bit more. If Cap dies in Infinity War, then he's most likely going to stay dead. (Ignore Bucky, Coulson, Loki, Fury, etc... actually, statistically, the chance of him staying dead is low...) But anyway, if everyone dies, then the MCU would be finished - so someone would have to bring them back, right?? Strange and Wanda and Loki and I don't really care who... the comics have had plenty of events rebooting the comic universe.


      [ooh, did you know Hawkeye died once? he came back in a universe reboot by Scarlet Witch!]



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