Sunday, 23 September 2018

the Nameless Book Tag (second time around)

On the first day of this most excellent and productive year of 2018 (productive? hm. Any 'yes' votes for that? I'm going with 'no'...), Olivia at Important Nothings tagged me! And because I am an irresponsible human with way more procrastination than one person should be allowed to have, I'm doing it now! *counts on fingers* ... literally a quarter of a year later.  
Uh. Literally eight months later?

Sorry, Olivia! (I do appreciate being tagged, people [even if I take forever] - partly for the post idea, and mostly just knowing that someone thought of me ;)

I have done the Nameless Book Tag before (although it came to me under a slightly different name: The Mysteriously Nameless Tag of Doom). Since the questions are the same, I've decided to attempt a slightly different approach this time (with updated answers, obviously, because last time was allll the way back in November! and my blog was still a smol thing that didn't have a clue what it was doing!), and also this time may involve more gifs.

–{{What book has been on your shelf the longest?

Well this one's the same as last time: Anne of Green Gables. Haven't read it in forever, though.

Quick question, slightly unrelated: does anyone ever read that first page? You know, the one that's "only" two sentences long??

–{{What is your current read, your last read, and the book you’ll read next?

Saturday, 8 September 2018

What Was I Up To During My Unannounced Four-Month Hiatus?

Two weeks ago, I awkwardly reappeared in the blogophere.

With very few excuses to offer, really. I haven't written a trilogy while I was gone. I haven't been on some kind of cleansing technology abstinence.

I'm not even super-relaxed by the whole hiatus experience.

Feel free to throw things at me but please make them chocolate or at least biscuits.

Here's what did happen during my hiatus:

–{{In April, I:

  • post, apologising for disappearing for three whole weeks. Ha ha. Hahahahaa. so cute.
  • volunteer at a comic-con. My plans of adding a Winter Soldier arm under my official T-shirt don't work out because I'm lazy. I get photos with a female Loki, a female Winter Soldier, a Gandalf, a Thranduil, and a Rey (who turns out to be my junior leader from a holiday outreach program last year). Gandalf gets the Runner Up: People's Choice award for doing the whole "you. shall not. PASS" thing. 
  • read a lot of fanfics, including some from fandoms I'm not even in. (The Miraculous Ladybug love square is just too hilarious, okay? I must have read literally a hundred identity reveal fics.)
  • watch season 2 of The Flash (leave the timeline aLONE, BARRY) and Guardians of the Galaxy 2. 
  • attempt to do Camp NaNo in 'minutes of study'. I fail.
  • [whoops]

–{{In May, I:

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

I believe my exact words were "a bit of time off"

The below is from a post in April

And I'm just sitting here now like "well, define 'a bit'??"

[Even then I was apologising for abandoning you all.]

But, y'know, I stuck by the "I will return to my blog eventually" part? So everything's good and I will never ever behave in such an irresponsible manner ever again. Ever. Obviously.

With that, I should mention...
 ...this will be a short post. Because it's not going to be about me and my excuses.

This post will be about you.

You, the amazing, fascinating, and downright inspirational people of the blogosphere whom I abandoned for a month two three basically four months??*

I know so much has happened while I was gone. I kNOW it has. But I haven't actually been game to look, so far. Because I'm the type of person who needs to know EVERYTHING and much as I'd like to I simply can't read all the posts that went up while I was gone and now I'm afraid I've missed so much wonderful stuff.

So. This post is where I beg you to comment and tell me the highlights of the blogosphere happenings. If your mind can stretch back a quarter of a year, that is. Comment! Tell me what's happened on your blog! If you don't feel comfortable shouting about what you've been doing - I'd feel awkward myself - then shout about your favourite posts of your favourite blogs, and someone can do the same for your posts (because of course your posts are someone's favourites! <3), and then I will know all the important things.

Think of it as giving me your lecture notes because I skipped class a space to jump in and say "Here's an awesome thing that someone wrote! Go read it!"

*Also someone please tell me if that "whom" was correct or if I should indeed have used "who". ("And don't take away my writer's license, I promise it's a one-off slip of the mind," I lie.)

A few specific things I was also wondering: 
- Who in the blogging world has put a new book out? 
-  How did you all go with Camp NaNo in July?
- And where is that Friendly Neighbourhood Journal at??

Monday, 23 April 2018

...again, not dead [I'm always only pretending. because I'm Loki.]

Sooo. I've been absent from the blogosphere for most of April (three weeks now?).

This is a) an apology for abandoning all your lovely blogs in that time! and b) an assurance that I'm just taking a bit of time off and will return to my poor blog eventually. Even though it isn't truly a Jem-haitus unless it's completely random and unannounced??

I'm sure most of you know about Camp NaNoWriMo, and a significant number of you may well be participating. Hopefully you'll sympathize! (especially when I tell you I'm working on study + assessments for my Camp goal. Funnn.)

How's Camp going for you? Tell me your goals! and I'll give you virtual lamingtons (or TimTams, if you don't like coconut?) Do you struggle to keep up with the blogosphere sometimes? (Do you have advice on how to keep up with the blogosphere and also not abandon life??)