Monday 7 November 2022

One Quirk Later #17 || staring at the glass (#16)

Hello to the NaNo-ers! Hello to Christine's non-NaNo-ers! Hello to the people who are writers but are simply Haven't for a while and really want to get back to it but also feel overwhelmed and possibly drained!

(High five if you're in the last category.)

Hopefully, whatever category you're in, you'll enjoy breaking up your writing routine (like mine: "not writing". it's a simple routine.) by adding in a Quirk. 

One Quirk Later: Prompt #17

my Pinterest, where I get all of these from

Monday 3 October 2022

One Quirk Later: Prompt #16



Hello hello hello! I don't know why but it feels like a long time since I have been Quirk-ing with you all?? a situation which must be rectified! 

("Jem," you say, "if it feels like a long time, that's because the last Quirk was in July. That's three months ago. That is a long time." Shhhh dear ones. Let me gently muffle your entirely valid comments and bibbity bobbity boo us straight to the next Quirk!)

One Quirk Later: Prompt #16

*handwave-y towards my Pinterest*

Something about that kid is fascinating to me. I have not yet decided where on the alignment chart he looks like he would sit, but I do believe he would drink his juice either from a glass or a bowl. No in-between. 

To join in with the One Quirk Later madness:

  1. Write whatever this picture prompt inspires you to! 
  2. Post it on your blog! 
  3. Link back to this post—there's the image up the top of the post, too, if you'd like to use that. 
  4. Comment on one of my posts so I can come and read your amazing writing!
  5. And I'll drop links to everyone's stories in the next post. (:

On the last Saturday of October (or, you know... sometime around then??) I will post my Quirk in response to this prompt. But you can use any Quirk prompt (<= look, there's a bunch there!) at any time! Just let me know if you do, so I can come and read it and squeal. 💛

• • • • • • •

Is anyone doing NaNo next month? I feel like I ask this every time it's November or Camp, and always accompanied by a "...because I'm not" 😅 But if you are that's cool and I wish you the best! Go forth! Slay these first-draft beasts! Be not distracted by the fluffy plot bunnies! Steel your heart and chase your dream!

What else is up with everyone? Personally, I've just heard that one of my favourite musical groups is going to be doing two concerts in Australia—like, the other side of Australia, but sTILL. And I want to go SO BAD but also I anticipate tickets vanishing as soon as they go on sale, so. That's what I'm stressing over at the moment. xD

Also I've decided I might want to live in the city (because ✨convenience✨) and this is causing a lot of identity questioning. I have never lived in a city. Why would I want to live near People. 

(I do not believe this Mr Bennet encapsulated the spirit of his book character very well... but this gif is an excellent mood.)

Tuesday 20 September 2022

The Silmaril Awards 2022: Wisest Counselor Award Ceremony

The stage has been set. 

...Not an actual stage. I didn't manage to book the stage/spotlight/audio system setup this year. (They were rented out when I got to the shop. By some people who take their show chickens very seriously.)

Neither do I have a Party Tree, but I do have a enough trees that the garden is full of dappled afternoon light, and there's a nice set of wrought-iron garden chairs in the corner. The fairy lights are set to come on as evening falls, too, which I thought fantasy characters might appreciate more than a glaring spotlight. 

Is this me making excuses for losing the stage and audio system to chicken judging? perhaps.

But, regardless of whether or not I have a stage (with a spotlight), it's time for the winners of Wisest Counselor to be announced!

And now, let me just slip into third person! *snaps fingers aggressively*

Monday 12 September 2022

The Silmaril Awards 2022: Vote for counselors!

Welcome back, everyone! And first of all, I'd like to call for a round of applause for the nominees for Wisest Counselor. All up you guys have nominated and seconded fifty three wise counselors... and having them milling around my place is so much less stressful than having a hundred and two villains like last year. (My sympathies to DJ Edwardson, who has the task of handling the villains this year.)

My guests have even been giving me advice, because they're so friendly and helpful! Like "Don't procrastinate writing that post, it's better to do what needs to be done straight away," "Looking at your phone isn't a good way of spending your time," "Are you serious right now, child, your time is ticking," "I'M GETTING ANXIETY JUST WATCHING YOU, CAN YOU PLEASE-"

I really should keep these guys around longer. I can learn a lot from them. 


Silmaril Awards 2022: Voting for Wisest Counselor!

So here's how it works! While we had fifty three nominations, only five can progress to voting, so I'll introduce the counselors who got the most seconds from you lovely people. Then you follow the link to the voting form, where you have a heavy decision to make: 

Which of the five wise counselors will get your vote?