Thursday, 15 November 2018

part 3 || the antagonist [apparently not the author??]

concerning the title: it's true. We authors are all the true antagonists. We are the ones that stop the protagonists from getting what they want. Our goals are in direct conflict with theirs: they want a happily-ever-after, we want conflict and excitement.

This is in no way an attempt to blow up your minds so you don't notice that my answers to the following questions mostly consist of me avoiding the questions.

–{{1. Introduce the main antagonist of your book!

...the cruel world.

Look, okay. There's one character Billie despises and does a lot of stuff just to spite. Even though this character will never know she did it, so there's no point. This character is never 'on screen'.

There's another character who does turn up, but not really until the climax? still. I suppose she's the main antagonist. Her name is Georgeanne, because I hate naming characters and gave up before I found the perfect one, and I have no idea what she looks like.

I could go find out, but then I'd be trawling Pinterest for the rest of the evening and I'm feeling crazed enough already.

Her backstory is - *radio crackling*

She's an acquaintance of - *semi roars past*

 And she's working with- *super-loud crickets*

  Let's move on, shall we?

Saturday, 10 November 2018

Shared WIP Tag #2 || Billie, ball of snark and bitterness

Me: this week my post will be earlier! I will be the earliest! because I live in Australia so I get to Friday before the Americans! just have to beat Melissa...
Friday: are you aware you have swimming groceries basketball piano groceries and need to get your glasses adjusted and pick up a family member from work.
Me: ...
Me: ...Saturday?
Saturday: Sorry ma'am, you need to clean the house, your laptop has a tantrum scheduled, and then you're going for dinner with family and to see a live stream of the ballet.
Me: ...
Me: next week, I will be prepared early! earlier than this week! I will be the earliest!!

...welcome to week two:

MC Questions!

("main character", if you're not familiar with the abbreviation.)

Which means... *gasps* we get to talk about Billie!

(Wonderful ball of bitterness and snark that she is.)

If you weren't around when the last WIP Special was on, I did a post on Billie here, and it has a few more details (also a few of the same ones).

–{{1. Introduce your MC a little, and tell us something quirky about her.

Billie || Isobel || never Bill, because Old Bill is the horse

Saturday, 3 November 2018

it liiiives!! || part 1: the Shared WIP Tag returns

You know how there's this writing thing on called NaNa or something?

And you know how I've also been (shall we say) sporadic at best at keeping active in the blogosphere? (or in real life – keeping active, ugh – but I digress.)

I've signed up to do something which will help me fail in combine both of those things!

You may have heard of it. I've done it twice before, and there are a lot more bloggers joining in this time. It is...

*overdramatic drumroll*

The Shared WIP Tag!

And! because I have no imagination! and am a NaNo rebel! I am focusing on Three Sisters, aGAIN, because I have not! yet! finished!

–{{1. Introducing: Three Sisters!

Sunday, 7 October 2018

HELP || why did I buy more books

The answer to the question in the title is, of course, that I am Loki and I do what I want. (And if you don't think Loki collects books [perhaps not novels, though?], I don't know what to say to you.) But it's all very well for an Asgardian prince... I'm sure he has lots of shelf space.

Or, y'know, some kind of pocket dimension library.

Me? Not so much.

It isn't like I bought very many... this time. Six or seven, and only two of those were large books.

But you know that tumblr post on Pinterest about Quicksilver and Thor's hammer? no? ...hang on...

*literally two hours later* HERE IT IS


That's me. Except it's more like:

"oh, what a great idea, let's get more books" 

*teetering towers of books collapse and crush me*