Monday, 23 April 2018

...again, not dead [I'm always only pretending. because I'm Loki.]

Sooo. I've been absent from the blogosphere for most of April (three weeks now?).

This is a) an apology for abandoning all your lovely blogs in that time! and b) an assurance that I'm just taking a bit of time off and will return to my poor blog eventually. Even though it isn't truly a Jem-haitus unless it's completely random and unannounced??

I'm sure most of you know about Camp NaNoWriMo, and a significant number of you may well be participating. Hopefully you'll sympathize! (especially when I tell you I'm working on study + assessments for my Camp goal. Funnn.)

How's Camp going for you? Tell me your goals! and I'll give you virtual lamingtons (or TimTams, if you don't like coconut?) Do you struggle to keep up with the blogosphere sometimes? (Do you have advice on how to keep up with the blogosphere and also not abandon life??)

Sunday, 1 April 2018

WIP Special Part 5 || basically a party where I Do What I Want

So I'm late.

What's new?

But I have a good reason this time! (don't I always?)

See, it's the start of a new month, which means a couple of things:
  • It's now Camp NaNo (whooo! go everyone!) 
  • This is the last of the 5-Part Special posts (and I was late, because obviously that's the thing to do?)
  • My family now has our new month's fast internet after running out of last month's. 
    • When we use all our fast internet, we get slow internet
    • s l o w
    • Blogger wouldn't even let me try putting pictures into posts
      • (and Spotify wouldn't even acknowledge there was internet)
        • (I think Spotify might be an internet guzzler?)
    • And as you'll know by now, this week's post was about aesthetics and all the gorgeousness! 
    • so having no pictures doesn't exactly work
  • Also I have one week to finish two TAFE units' assessments! (*harried screams*) (I had more than two months to do this. Why, Jem. :| )
Anyway, I'm here now! :D

5-part writing special (Part 5: party)

(Lila made the awesome graphics - thanks, Lila! <3)

The March 5-Part Special

Part 5: stuff

Aesthetics! Artwork! Music! all the fun stuff which I haven't collected yet, basically.

–{{tea and scones || tired and grumpy || don't hurt his books || grumbling || "why did I do this to myself" || Count Laszlo / the Beast

–{{ doesn't trust anyone but herself || bickering || regret ||  angry-sad || protective || has to be in control of her situation || Billie

–{{ aching || music || ghosts from the past || can't hide forever || homemaker || Elsie

Josie || engages with anyone || reckless || doesn't want protecting || archery || hunting the Beast }}–

–{{lost || charming smile || sadness behind his eyes || banter || leader of bandits || Rowan

Zephyr || grieving || careful with his words || loyal to the death || all heart }}–

[Remember how I've always said I can't write while listening to music? Yeahhh. But sometimes I feel like music helps me add a little more emotion, so... these are songs I'll play in the background while I write. (You'll notice there are. no. lyrics.) It needs to be reordered, but I just skip/repeat as necessary, so...]
.... That's the end of Part 5 - and the whole event. ....


Now go check out these blogs for their amazing posts they got theirs up on Friday, I'm sure xD because their stories are so. cool. and I've been waiting impatiently to see their party-posts! Part-5-y posts?? I am ashamed of me.


Do you make playlists? Are you on Spotify? (drop your link in the comments!) Do you sometimes run out of internet?? (is it Spotify, do you know?) How do you make aesthetic collages? Which character do you most like the sound of? Which character of mine is most like one of yours? (would they get along or not?)