Saturday, 21 March 2020

this is not a writing post

A small list of beautiful things, because life's been good despite the bad:

  • rain. We had rain this month, which broke a long period of dry and filled the dams and creek, so the family hopped into some round molasses troughs and pushed ourselves around using sticks. Brother 2 got into one with Dad, and they ended up standing in a trough on the bottom of the creek bed, submerged up to their chests. Good times.
  • green grass. In the paddock, it's thick and it's past our knees, and mowing the yard doesn't feel like such a chore when we take into account that there is grass to mow. 
  • also. butterflies. There are small white ones with lacy black bits, and big black ones with lacy white bits, and also some little yellow ones. And there are so many. I have had several genuinely-felt Bilbo moments:
  • my job! and I'm so blessed to be able to add that to this list. For a year I worked part-time in a job that was not a field I was interested in, and while I felt personally invested in the business (for no particular reason?? except I worked there?), it was immensely draining. But! Last year I was in admin at a library and adored it. And this year I'm a casual library assistant, and I'm enjoying it so much. Obviously part- or full-time work would be more convenient (I have an hour commute), but this does mean that I get to work with all different people in different workplaces!

    and I smile at people and help them and make them love the library and feel happy. and that makes me feel happy too.

So there's a small post for you, because I was thinking about how good life is. <3

    I pray you are able to be doing things that make you happy, that bless others, that open your eyes to the wonders of God's creation and His marvelous love for us.

    And if you're not? if your job's dragging at your soul and you're having trouble keeping your chin up? My advice (I say, like I am in any way qualified to give advice) is to:
    1. keep your eyes open for opportunities. all sorts of opportunities, and things you wouldn't normally do. chase the things that make you feel fulfilled.
    2. choose to smile. choose joy. it's hard but choose to rejoice in the blessing of just being alive. and then live
    (she says, as though she has a habit of living. and not, like, sitting at her laptop all day.)
    ((I used to but getting a job kind of ended that.))

      What's something objectively tiny (like butterflies) that has made you feel joyful and blessed? Do you enjoy your work? (whether it's paid or for your family) Is your family still well? Let me know if you would like me to pray for you.

      And what are some things you do that make you feel like you're living and not just alive?

      Friday, 13 March 2020

      yes it's been a full year, hi (+ character interview)

      have a long post and watch me pretend nothing's out of the ordinary ahaha

      Billie: Let us go, you controlling, delusional crazy person. It's been fifteen months -

      Jem, cutting Billie off: Absolutely not! You have to admit that the comments we received on the first part of the interview do indicate a strong enjoyment of our little chat.

      Billie: I don't have to admit anything, and I've no doubt any people saying they enjoyed it are also crazy. My heart goes out to their characters.

      Rowan: I thought you claimed to not have a heart.

      Billie: Do you disagree with my sentiment?

      Rowan, to Jem: Please just let us go.

      Jem: Why?

      Rowan: This is already far beyond my tolerance level for her.

      Jem: That's why we're enjoying it. Now, if Elsie could come up on stage?

      Billie: You said Josie!

      Jem: I changed my mind.

      Elsie enters. Zephyr follows half a step beside her, eyes scanning the surroundings. Yala follows, but stops subtly at the edge of the room to watch. 

      Elsie, seeing Billie:'re dead.

      Jem: Ehh, non-canon situation, we can skip over that, okay?

      Billie: ...your concern for my sister's emotional well-being is truly overwhelming.

      Jem: *shrugs happily*

      Billie: Zephyr.

      Zephyr: Isobel. I was troubled to hear of the recent happenings. It is good to see you in health.

      Jem: 'good'? something is GOOD? okay, that's quite enough of that kind of talk. We shall have none of that. Ceci?