Saturday, 2 July 2022

One Quirk Later: Prompt #15



Today we're up to prompt number FIFTEEN in our Quirks, and it feels like such a lot! I know I'm gathering a nice little collection of pieces, and I hope you're happy with what you're adding to your portfolio too! 

I haven't always been on time (oops), but I haven't missed a month yet, and honestly it's about all the fiction I'm writing at the moment, so I'm determined I'll persist. 

And if you're still here, I'll assume you're enjoying the Quirks too. xD If you have any suggestions or themes or genres or aesthetics or anything for future Quirks, let me know!

"Jem pls. why so many siblings and/or threats. what is your Pinterest like if this is what you're pulling from it." <- you, probably. Well this week!! we have threats!! but don't let that stop you from putting siblings in if you so desire. 

Or mix it up! that's partly what the Quirks are for, too.

One Quirk Later: Prompt #15

*waves nose vaguely at my Pinterest*

hmmmm cottage in the woods. that always gives murder vibes, right?


To join in with this madness:

  1. Write whatever this picture prompt inspires you to! 
  2. Post it on your blog! 
  3. Link back to this post—there's the image up the top of the post, too, if you'd like to use that. 
  4. Comment on one of my posts so I can come and read your amazing writing!
  5. And I'll drop links to everyone's stories in the next post. (:

On the last Saturday of July (or, you know... sometime around then??) I will post my Quirk in response to this prompt. But you can use any Quirk prompt (<= look, there's a bunch there!) at any time! Just let me know if you do, so I can come and read it and squeal. 💛

• • • • • • •

Now as I said last post, this is scheduled and I'm not really here! I'm an apparition. I am in fact in Canberra, which I can say with fair certainty despite not being there as I write this that I am freezing and refusing to go outdoors. Fun times xD This is me stretching my comfort zone!! it's great!! 

What's been happening in your life? What are you currently reading? I want to read some nonfiction on personal finances bc I have zero plan, I just stare at my bank account like "numbers yay". xD What are you listening to? Two of my friends have recently been receptive to my recommendations of a favourite artist, so that's fun! Give me your recommendations! 

oooh I hope I get my story posted for Quirk #14 before this goes up, that would be embarrassing xD It's uh... not written yet. The story, that is. oop.


  1. Mein Quirken:

    1. ehehe what are we getting from the Sponge this time

  2. I'm finally back from being super busy, and had time to post a Quirk!

    1. Ahh you're back, Sam! Lovely to have you quirk-ing with us again :D <3


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