Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Calvin and Hobbes (instead of a 'proper' post from me)

I meant to write a blog post today, but I haven't.

If I were you, I'd be secretly pleased (but not tell me so, of course). Because instead of a rambling post from me, you get... Calvin and Hobbes!

(If you do not know about Calvin and Hobbes: I strongly urge you to find and read many, many of them.)

So, here's Calvin speaking for all of us (fine, me) on the topic of writing!

And alternatively, on maths...

...I'll try to get that proper post up here in the next few days. In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed these!


  1. THESE ARE HILARIOUS!! Thank you so much for sharing, Jem! This brought a smile to my face. :D That writer's block one, though. Haha. And "First we call the answer 'Y' as in 'Y do we care?'" Mwahahaha. My thoughts EXACTLY! ;D

    1. My pleasure, Miss March! I love Calvin and Hobbes! :D And I thought maybe some other people could relate. And of course once I'd shared his opinions on writing, I had to share him doing maths as well...

      *pretends I don't have a Calvin+Hobbes quote for every occasion* *when I actually do*

      Have you read any Calvin and Hobbes comics before?

    2. Yes, actually. My brother has a whole book (or maybe two books) of them, so I read through quite a few comics one evening when I was at his house. :) I didn't remember any of the ones you shared, though, so these were all new to me. Which was fun. :)


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