Friday, 10 March 2017

Flash fiction prompts from VisDare

Today I'd like to point you to Angela Goff's 'VisDare'. It's a flash fiction prompt - one black/white picture + one word, weekly, and people post their  150-word pieces (stand-alone or part of their WIP) in her blog's comments. She doesn't seem to be posting as regularly recently, but there are heaps of intriguing past prompts on her old blog.

I hope her selections inspire you and take you in some unexpectedly creative directions!

(As Camp NaNo approaches, I'm gathering sources of inspiration to keep close by... What are some of your favourite spots - online or in real life - to find inspiration?)

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  1. N.B.: I did not post this at 3:17am, no matter what Blogger claims. It's late at night and I really need to get to bed, but it is seriously not THAT late (early?). Must be a time-zone thing.


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