Saturday, 22 April 2017

Second Camp update

I meant to do an update on how Camp's been going approximately every week - but I forgot. (What a surprise.) So here's an update on the middle two weeks of April.

I've spent a lot of time with family (we've had school holidays and a few public holidays here), which is, of course, good. (Except for my word count, but hey, it can wait.)

I've read nine books, thick ones, including my first Neal Shusterman novel - Scythe. Five stars. Enjoyed it a lot. I'm going to look for more of his books - once I've finished Camp, of course...

That's about all, I think? Oh, I've watched a heap more Studio C videos, too. And got my family addicted to them.

There's nothing else I'm forgetting to mention, is there?

Oh. Riiight. Word count? My Camp novel?? No one wants to hear about them, right?  


I would be the first to admit that I am a slow writer. Things like Write or Die, or anything that gives me a rate of words per minute, they just don't work for me. (I spend my whole time watching the numbers go down, or typing random letters and erasing them to stop myself 'dying'.) I never did very well with sprints and word wars either.

But then I found... *drumroll* myWriteClub!

Something about the progress bars - that count to sets of 100, not your goal - really motivates me. Also I can see other people's progress bars (in the global sprint) and while sometimes they write way faster then me - a fact I've suspected for some time - sometimes they type slow, erase a heap, or flick between 307 and 308 words for half a minute. And I love being able to change my status to encourage other writers, or to exchange a few words with them, or congratulate them for reaching the goal they stated in their status.

I used to write about 600 words on a good day, 1000 on a quiet day with no distractions. On myWriteClub, I've written several days (some quite interrupted) of 1200-1500 words.

(I sound like a bad commercial, don't I?! I promise I am in no way being paid to say this... ;P )

But with the end of April now in sight, I'm hoping to use myWriteClub to get 1k+ every day. Which would be a great achievement for me... and something I need if I'm to catch up to my goal.

How is your Camp going? Did you pack enough mostypo repellent? (okay, that was bad. sorry.) No attacks by rabid plot bunnies, I hope? Are your characters behaving, or have they rebelled and taken over running of the story? I'd love to hear all about it!


  1. That's so great that you found something that works for you. Honestly. No one method is right for everyone - I'm not that good at sprinting myself - so if you've found the right method for you, use it!
    And studio C. Yassssss. Can we just fangirl over that for a while? THE MAN, THE MYTH. THE LEGEND!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I'm happy to have found something that works, too! (It doesn't happen often xD Mostly I find the methods other people rave about simply don't work for me.) I know - sprinting was NOT something that worked for me before this. But yesterday I caught up to where I should have been with my word count, so I'm really happy about that. ;) How's your Camp going?

      Yass we will fangirl together, Faith! SCOTT STERLING!!!
      (cool, now I have two comments) ;)

  2. Looks like your camp is going really well! Mine is going pretty good-I'vewritten 18,000 words of my 24,000 word goal so far. HOW IS IT ALMOST OVER?!?!

    Oh, and you won the giveaway! =) You should have an email from me waiting for you... Congratulations!

    1. I just caught up to the recommended word count yesterday! *so excited* It looks like you're doing great, too! (just peeking at your Camp graphs here xD) I KNOW?! HELP?!

      I did? Awesome! Yep, there's the email... thanks a heap, Micaiah! I look forward to reading it! :D

  3. Yay! I'm so glad you found something that has proved to be a good motivator for you. That's awesome. And 1200-1500 words is amazing! Keep up the good work, friend! :)

    1. I'm glad too - and a little surprised, because I'd never found a writers' tool that actually worked for me before. ;) Thank you for your kind comment, Miss March!

  4. It is awesome that you found something that works for you! Keep on going!

    ~Sarah R.

    1. Thanks, Sarah! And congratulations on Camp. :)

  5. Hey there, I'm not actual doing NaNoWriMo *cringes at gasps of horror going around room*, but I have several friends who are doing it. Word counts are tricky! I once had to write a story that had to be under 1,750 words for a contest and I literally finished at 1,749. But congrats on finding a method that works for you!

    1. NaNo isn't /necessary/ to be a writer! *joins gasps of horror anyway* ;P (My mum still can't understand how it could help with my writing, since it's basically a giant 'free writing' session, which tends to favour quantity over quality!)

      I know the feeling - I did a bit of flash fiction a while back, and I definitely didn't have any words to spare! (I had to cut my word count in half. Which was HARD! Good practice for future editing, though.)

      Thanks, Elena - I'm pleased to find something that works for me too! ;)


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