Friday, 8 September 2017

A few exciting things from around the blogosphere || [I'm not procrastinating, you're procrastinating]

I'm supposed to be working on my tertiary studies right now. Or updating/rewriting my resume because MY LIBRARY HAS A POSITION OPEN for one week only. (The last two times I [obviously] didn't get the job, but I just have to keep trying... the head librarian wants me there, so eventually it's got to happen! xD)

And instead I'm wandering the writerly circles of the blogosphere.

I know right. Such a surprise.

BUT I FOUND OUT SOME INTERESTING THINGS. Which I thought I'd share with you, because I haven't seen anyone talking about them in the blogs I follow... so you might not hear about these things either. So I'm telling you, just to make sure.

Firstly, Project Canvas has a blog. I was pleased to see that, because I hadn't heard any updates from Project Canvas for a while and I was hoping it hadn't died a slow and lingering death. It's true that there's only one post, a 'welcome!' one from a month ago, but by following the blog I can keep myself in the loop.

If you don't know about Project Canvas, the basic idea is that
"A group of teen and young adult writers from around the globe have come together to write a book of advice and inspiration for fellow writers.

I said (several months ago) that I could probably help with some editing, but I actually don't know how the book's progressing... its projected publication date is in 2018, but I haven't had to edit anything, so it's possible they didn't need my help.

I don't know! Maybe you've all submitted articles? and you're keeping a close eye on the whole project? and I know at least five of my followers are already following the blog. BUT THIS IS JUST IN CASE YOU HAVEN'T HEARD.

Just as a note, Hannah is part of the Project Canvas team! And so are Abigayle and Aimee - I don't know them well, but I've seen them around the blogosphere, so some of you would know them.

_ _ _ _ _

Jennifer A. Nielsen is running a competition for her new book (Feb 2018), The Traitor's Game. (She says the book will appeal to fans of The False Prince - so, naturally, I'm in!)

The competition is different to the usual sort seen on the blogosphere, too: She posts a photo of where she is, and we guess in the comments (she edits out the answers, though, so no sneaky copying there! ;). Correct state is 1 point; city is 4 points. There will be 10 photos, and the person with the most points at the end wins. The prize is a galley of The Traitor's Game.
The first photo is here!
- but I'm not sure how much longer it's open (or if I'm such a slack poster that it's already shut...)

(To be honest, I'd do this even if there was no prize. It makes me feel like Sherlock Holmes. Mwahaha.)

(Although the fact that I'm not from the USA might put me at a disadvantage, as I have no idea about American tourist spots/heritage buildings/anything else like that which might be put in a photograph...)

_ _ _ _ _

And... there was something else I was going to say... ??


Catherine Meek, one of the [main?] people behind Project Canvas, is joining with Aimee to create a kind of blogging link-up thing! Except this one will really tickle the fancy of any of you who like snail mail...

One blogger will get the Friendly Neighborhood Journal in the post, put some poetry/art/encouraging words/something nice etc into the pages, and then post it to the next address (which Catherine and Aimee provide). And when it arrives, the process will be repeated.

These guys are sending an actual. physical. notebook. ACROSS THE USA. (+ possibly the world? at least, I'm in Australia.) Imagine the love + faith + encouragement that could come from that! Imagine a book, slightly travel-worn, slim, but heavy with the words of friends and strangers, overflowing with kind and uplifting words. Imagine receiving it in the mail.

I'm in love with the idea.

There is the problem with providing a physical address. Seriously, I don't want anyone on the internet to be able to find me!? But I'm hoping it can be sorted out - Catherine suggested, in response to another blogger's concerns, that they could sandwich a blogger between two people s/he knows, so sharing the address wouldn't be a problem. I think that would work for me??

So basically I want to see ALL YOUR NAMES in this Friendly Neighborhood Journal when it arrives in my mailbox.  ;D

_ _ _ _ _

Are you familiar with Project Canvas? (Did you submit an article?) Have you read The False Prince? (and if not, what are you doing with your life???) Do you love snail mail? Might you, maybe, be signing up for #thefriendlyneighborhoodjournal ?? 

And how do you keep up with what's happening in the blogosphere? because it's a bit hit-and-miss for me. (Same as for what books are being released.)

Note: I may not be around much for the next two weeks. I'm doing work experience at... *fanfare* the library. (*cue surprise all round*) Plus I should probably study. Probably. So I'll see how things go. I'll definitely still reply to your lovely comments, though!


  1. Firstly, what are tertiary studies???

    Secondly, I have heard about the journal and while I probably won't participate... (I'm a private bean) I still looooove the ideaso very much. It's so... aesthetic????

    1. Well, here in Australia, we have primary, secondary and tertiary studies! Uni and TAFE are tertiary. :)

      I AGREE, Kate! I'm a liiittle nervous about the privacy/safety issues of participating in the journal, but I want to do it! and I'm sure that all the amazing 'aesthetic-y' bloggers will make it look like something you only see on Pinterest. ;)

  2. WHOA COOL. *screams and flails excitedly* SO MUCH EPICNESS.

  3. I DO LOVE THE IDEA OF THE JOURNAL BUT I AM POOR AND I CAN'T AFFORD OVERSEAS SHIPPING :/ But I think I'd literally cry if I received a journal for a bit and connect with bloggers through the good old paper <3

    And I've heard of Project Canvas! Thanks for updating me on the news that it has a blog :)

    To answer your question about keeping up in the blogosphere... I've found it a bit harder to do? Everyone is releasing amazing projects and epic news and I am struggling to celebrate everything!

    - andrea at a surge of thunder

    1. Oh yeah. You live in the Philippines (I think?), don't you, Andrea? How much would overseas shipping cost? (I actually signed up without checking... *googles* From Australia to the US, it's $23+. wOW. [It's actually slightly cheaper for me to send it to the Philippines??] Imagine how much money the postal service is going to get out of this journal. xD)

      And yes - there's something special about paper. <3 (I hope some people do art in it!)

  4. Goodness, so many exciting things!!! (Also, I had a quick chat with Caroline Meek, and she says that they still need more people to edit, so could you shoot me an email? It should be on the "Contact" page of my blog. Then I can give her your email!) :D

  5. Hi, Jem! *waves* This was a GREAT post, and I'll have to look into Project Canvas more XD. Also, THE FALSE PRINCE!!!! Only like my favorite book EVAAAR!!! *screams one long, fangirl scream*

    1. Hi, Lila! Thank you for stopping by! <3

      YASSS THE FALSE PRINCE *screams fangirl scream with you* *takes breath and keeps screaming* (I see you've been commenting on the competition posts.) ;)

    2. *voice is hoarse from screaming* Ohmigosh, yes, The Traitor's Game sounds SO GOOD!!!

  6. ooh good luck with the library job! I hope you get it! And I didn't know about Jennifer A Neilson's new book so THAT'S REALLY COOL. I did love The False Prince although I never read all the books because I am so slack. *sighs at self*

    Also the idea of a journal travelling around is REALLY cool!!

    1. Thanks, Cait! I hope I get it too xD

      WHAT. You slack bean!! READ THE REST OF THE TRILOGY. Or... at least shift them a leeettle closer to the top of your TBR?

  7. Replies
    1. I agree, Sarah! I'm in love with just the idea of the journal.

      (...$20+ of international postage? Not so great... Oh well, NO PAIN, NO GAIN. Or something.)

    2. Yeah... I did go and research that. *Winces* that's not a great price for this brokeish student.

  8. I'm joining the notebook journal thingy ;p And even though I'm like 0% good at coding this was super fascinating :d

    1. I'm sure the Friendly Neighbourhood Journal is going to be really cool, Keturah, and it's nice to hear from someone else who's participating! And I'm glad to hear you enjoyed my other post on coding :)


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