Monday, 23 April 2018

...again, not dead [I'm always only pretending. because I'm Loki.]

Sooo. I've been absent from the blogosphere for most of April (three weeks now?).

This is a) an apology for abandoning all your lovely blogs in that time! and b) an assurance that I'm just taking a bit of time off and will return to my poor blog eventually. Even though it isn't truly a Jem-haitus unless it's completely random and unannounced??

I'm sure most of you know about Camp NaNoWriMo, and a significant number of you may well be participating. Hopefully you'll sympathize! (especially when I tell you I'm working on study + assessments for my Camp goal. Funnn.)

How's Camp going for you? Tell me your goals! and I'll give you virtual lamingtons (or TimTams, if you don't like coconut?) Do you struggle to keep up with the blogosphere sometimes? (Do you have advice on how to keep up with the blogosphere and also not abandon life??)


  1. Yes indeed. Particularly when colds get in the way...LOL. And yes, I do sympathize with you, Jem (been there, got the t-shirt, LOL.)


  2. SAM IS BACK!!!! *tackle hugs*

    Girl, don't even mention Camp NaNo...I'm so swamped it's not even funny....

    But I love coconut!! Hand 'em over!

  3. I'm doing GREAT on NaNo, actually! My goal was 80k and I hit that last now I'm trying to finish up this book so that I can get to edits ^_^ Loads of fun! Good luck with your projects....ugh. XD

  4. I'm afraid I don't have any advice on keeping up with blogging or life, let alone both together. It's hard. Good on you for combining study assessments with Camp NaNo - that sounds like a creative idea to make work more fun! :) I hope they're going well, and in the meantime, don't feel bad if you can't blog or comment like you'd like too - we understand, and we'll still be here when you do get a chance. :) Blessings, friend! xx

  5. I definitely sympathize with having too much on your plate during NaNo events. This is the first event in a while when I've been able to keep up a regular blogging schedule during NaNo. That said, my goal is only 10K words, so that's not too bad. Best of luck with your NaNo goals!

  6. Keeping up with the blogosphere (plus the rest of life) is a struggle and a half! Don't worry about taking some time to set it all aside once in awhile. Tbh, I'm super looking forward to my annual summer hiatus, haha! See you soon!

  7. I'm doing Camp NaNoWriMo. I got like 28 pages of rewriting of my one book done, but then realized I'm missing important stuff from the plot. *face desk* I am currently just working on a different book rewrite and want to hit 10k words in it before the month ends.

  8. I noticed your absense and wondered what was up...

  9. I take it the hiatus is still gobbling you up? *sends Tim Tams to be sure you're still alive* 😂😂 I hope the writing is going super well too!! I did end up doing Camp NaNo but without signing up because I'm lazy like that mwahaha. I did 55K which was a satisfying number, even if not the fastest/most I've ever written haha.

    (Also I 1000% recommend hiring dragons to dictate blog posts for you while you're busy doing Real Life stuff. It works very well for me.)

  10. Hellloooooo I am alive as well, although it seems you've been absent for longer than three weeks? *runs off to read all the posts I've missed in like the 6 months I've been gone* Come back soon!

  11. Still alive!!! *realizes that's from the Croods* *runs away*
    So 1 I really dont think there is a balance, just write to us when you canXD
    plus, let's just face it, as you get older, life gets more and more demanding.
    My NaNoWriMo was not. XD Writers block, multiple times. lol
    btw have you heard that there is a How to Train Your Dragons 3 coming!!
    Super stoked about taht..
    then I am still sobbing from Infinity War..
    so I am alive and you are (or were ratherXD) about a month ago XD
    Hope all will settle (although we know it won't XD)
    - NotDeadYet Ry


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