Sunday, 8 May 2022

One Quirk Later #13


One day I'll write a post that's not Quirk-related. is not that day.

I mean! I'm having fun, and I hope you are too! Buuut just to make sure you're still having fun, we have more angst potential in this month's Quirk. 

What can I say, apparently we have a brain cell in common, and that brain cell is hungry for 1) angst; 2) siblings.

One Quirk Later: Prompt #13

*waves hands vaguely at my Pinterest* you like wasting time finding writing inspiration, yeah?? 

I have to say, I'm having a great time making these! and thinking of the delicious story bits I'll get to read from you lot, ehehe 

...I mean *coughing* the thought of what you might do with the Quirk definitely doesn't affect what I pick. Definitely not. 

But if you happen to like angst, and I happen to like angst, well, it's just good value to go for that, yeah?

...There definitely isn't a conspiracy here. 


To join in with this madness:

  1. Write whatever this picture prompt inspires you to! 
  2. Post it on your blog! 
  3. Link back to this post—there's the image up the top of the post, too, if you'd like to use that. 
  4. Comment on one of my posts so I can come and read your amazing writing!
  5. And I'll drop links to everyone's stories in the next post. (:

On the last Saturday of May (or, you know... sometime around then??) I will post my Quirk in response to this prompt. But you can use any Quirk prompt (<= look, there's a bunch there!) at any time! Just let me know if you do, so I can come and read it and squeal. 💛

• • • • • • •

In other news, today I passed out from low blood pressure in the middle of church, so that's something I can use for writing now!! ahahaaaa Just kinda... squeaked "...I can't see?" and did that head-jerk thing like you do when you're almost falling asleep, and someone grabbed me before I could slide off my chair I guess??

(we're currently a home church, so fortunately it was but a short walk to the couch in the lounge. I have zero knowledge of getting there tho, I can only assume I was blacked out.)

So today's question is, obviously, what has happened to you that you immediately thought "...well that's going in the writing"? 

For example, I have never broken a bone! So if I did, my first thought would be—okay, honestly it would be OWWWW AHHHH and then... somewhere down towards the end of my list of thoughts would be "...okay I guess one of my characters has to break a bone now." could also be a thing that's not painful or violent, of course. 😅 Like maybe you met someone you admired, or want to capture the feelings of holding a baby sibling for the first time!

• • • • • • •

What, apart from angst and siblings, do you like writing about? If you are a writer who in fact does not like hurt siblings, please let me know and I'll try to vary things a bit more, heh. (which I should do anyway! maybe I'll add some... parents. xD) Is there a particular setting or time period you find yourself writing about a lot? It feels like my Quirks are frequently coming out as some kind of urban fantasy, which is really interesting because that's not something I ever wrote before this! What's your favourite kind of dessert? this is an important question. I will accept a list of the top ten if favourite is too hard.


  1. *sees prompt* *perks up at angst and siblings* *flies away into the sunset cackling*

    1. *gazes over-dramatically into the sunset after you, arms full of more angst and sibling prompts for when you return*

  2. Hiiii, Jem! I've been following your blog for a long time, but have never commented, and well that's kind of dumb, so here I am today intent on change.
    I quite enjoy reading your posts, and the whole One Quirk Later series is one of my favorite things on the entire blogosphere. 😃 I've never participated, although I daresay I have been very tempted a couple of times...I even started writing a story out based on this prompt, but it quickly grew into something very convoluted and messy and I lost all courage to post it on my blog. 😂 Ahhh, maybe next time tho!
    Anyways, I hope you have a lovely day and thanks for hosting the Quirks and providing us with some top-tier entertainment!!

    1. Ahhh hello Eden and welcome, it's lovely to meet you!! I'm so so happy you're enjoying the Quirks and thank you for your marvelous and kind comment! <3

      If the Quirks inspire you to write anything at all, whether or not you post it, I consider that a success worthy of congratulatory lamingtons! That moment where we writers go "...I'm not sure what's happening here but I'm really intrigued" about our own writing? that's what I'm aiming for most of the time xD So go for convoluted and messy, if that's what's happening, and have fun!

  3. Oh my GOODNESS. JEM. YOU BLACKED OUT?!?!?! Are you okay???? CAN I HELP IN ANY WAY? I mean obviously the danger is passed and I have no way of being there physically but like DUDE. THAT SOUNDS AWFUL.

    Also also I think my main thing that happened where my brain was like "wait. We could use this for writing". Was when I got put into the backseat of a cop car... That was...not fun. XD

    ALSO. I think I might actually manage to write a quirk this month!!! I am so excited!!!

    1. Aw thank you for worrying, Kenzie! <3 As it turned out I had (very mild!) covid at the time, and another friend also reported fainting when she had covid, so... bewildering, but maybe that was it somehow? Fortunately I was completely fine after lying down for a while! (And possibly napping like the grandma I am xD)

      OH YES the cop car!! *blows raspberry at rude Ohio police officers* So have you written a cop car scene using that experience yet, or is it still to come?

  4. So I said I was going on hiatus for the month of May, but even when I first said that I knew it was a LIE, because I knew I needed to come back in time to participate in the May quirk, if nothing else (these things are important, you know)
    Okay, but now I want to weep because these prompt actually kind of fits for the siblings in the book I've been working on. My dear children. I'll have to see if I can drag my brain away from them to write my quirk (....or possibly just write my quirk about them, hmmmmm)
    HAHAHAHAHA. Your story about passing out. And immediately thinking "This will go in the Writing, yes?". (I hope you're not offended that I'm laughing about you passing out. Obviously, I want you to be okay. But it was very humorously told.) I got in my first car accident last month (just a fender bender, but jarring all the same) and when the police showed up to make a report I was like "HOLD UP, BRAIN. We must remember all the things and use them for writing!"
    What else do I like to write about besides siblings? ....What else is there?? *confusion*
    CHEESECAKE. (...favorite dessert, not thing I like to write about. Though maybe I should write about cheesecake more. I could give them siblings cheesecake after I give them all the angst...)

    1. My quirk is up!
      Also, I forgot to mention I tagged you for a thing if you're interested :)

    2. Wow imagine breaking your hiatus by coming back early instead of dropping off the face of the planet for seven months, couldn't be me x'D

      Eek it makes me so happy that you're so fond of participating in the quirks!! <3 Also just so you know, I am eyeing the url that you've dropped here, it says... "certainly no angst". *blinks twice innocently* I shall expect sunshine and rainbows with the siblings, then!

      Definitely not worried about you laughing over the passing out thing, I have to admit that even as things like that are happening my mind is going "well I can use that for writing but first for pRACTICE I must write it up as a humorous little scene and throw it at people" xD Even fender benders are definitely jarring! They really shake you up, especially if it's your first. So of course that shock, and any and all police info, will go in the writing!!

      What else is there to write about besides siblings? nothing. there is only siblings. all is siblings. (OOH CHEESECAKE nice)

      Ooh a tag! I have a collection but they are all so terribly old that I think I will quietly dump them and do yours instead, Erik. xD

  5. I’ve been wanting to try doing a Quirk for a little while now and I finally got around to it. I love the owl by the way.

    1. Hi E.M., welcome aboard this crazy ride! It's really cool that you've joined us - thank you! - and I look forward to reading your Quirk!

      (The owl likes being noticed, so has offered you a lamington. xD)

  6. I've definitely done the thing where you get hurt and then think about how you can use it for writing, I just can't remember WHEN. My memory is so bad. I hope you're feeling better, though, passing out is scary!!

    Anyway, I FINALLY got a story for the linkup posted in time. I thought it would never happen 😅 Anyway, here you go!

    1. Ooh, I get that, Becky... I've started telling people that if it didn't happen today or yesterday, my brain's deleted it! 😅

      And HOORAY you're back with a Quirk!! so exciting! I will definitely be checking that out, thank you! <3

  7. Yo, I forget to link this when I posted it, is the link now. :)

    1. Lovely, I look forward to it! (Is that... "angst" I see in the link.... ehehe wonderful xD)


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