Monday, 8 February 2021

One Quirk Later #6 (plus a Christmas tag, because of course)

Ollo ollo ollo. 

Did I ever say when in January I would return, no, I didn't think so-

I maaay however have said "January" and not "February". Possibly. Oops.

You are all amazing for having got involved in my Quirks last year, whether you wrote or read or both, and I do hope you'll bear with me as I get settled back in with blogging!


One Quirk Later: Prompt #6

Individual images can be found on my Pinterest boards. At this point I have no memory of which ones, but I do know I spent a long time curating them, so go and have a look.


To join in with this madness:

  1. Write whatever this picture prompt inspires you to!
  2. Post it on your blog!
  3. Link back to this post—and there's a link-up image, too, if you'd like to use that.
  4. Comment on one of my posts so I can come and read your amazing writing!!
  5. And I'll drop links to everyone's stories in the next post. (:

You have until the last Saturday of February before I put up the post with my story, at which point... uh... nothing will happen. It's not a deadline, I don't have the heart for that. xD You can use any Quirk at any time! Just let me know if you do, so I can come and read it and squeal. 💛


Concerning Quirk #5:

SPECIAL SHOUTOUT to Samantha of Bookshire for being five for five on the quirks!! You can read her story here—and please let her know how much you enjoyed it, it encapsulates the spirit of the prompt perfectly and from a direction completely different to mine. 

• • • • • • •

Also. Because it's February, and therefore not December, and therefore the perfect time for Christmas things...

...I have a Christmas tag from December, courtesy of the ever-lovely Miss March.

(seriously though, December is full of Christmas things, so after Christmas is a great time to do this! do not fight me on this logic! I will trip and fall over and scrape my knee or something!)

Honestly though, what's more on-brand for me than doing a Christmas tag in February.

12 Delights of Christmas Tag


1.  A favorite Christmas tradition?

Going to our grandparents' beach house to meet with half the family. It's right across a little street from a lovely beach.

2.  Say it snowed at your domicile, would you prefer to go out or stay curled up inside?

When it's cold I enjoy being cosy, so I would be curled up on the couch with about a dozen blankets and possibly a few siblings. 

That said, I would also be low-key panicking, because Christmas is in summer here.

3.  Tea or hot chocolate?

Hot chocolate!

4.  Favorite Christmas colors (i.e. white, blue, silver, gold, red and green etc)?

Green, white and gold, I'll go with. Green like gum leaves—kind of silver-green?

5.  Favorite kind of Christmas cookie?

Actually... iced vo-vo balls. Like rum balls (except those are gross...), but these are flavoured like Iced Vo-Vo biscuits.

6.  How soon before Christmas do you decorate (more specifically, when does your tree go up)?

We haven't... really had decorations the last few years? But when my siblings and I were younger, probably a week or two before Christmas, Dad would head down into the creek and get a couple of she-oaks, which we'd zip-tie together to make a bushy sort of tree.

7.  Three favorite traditional Christmas carols?

O Come, O Come Emmanuel, Hark the Herald Angels Sing, and... Mary Did You Know? Is that traditional?

8.  A favorite Christmas song (i.e. something you might hear on the radio)?

Humbug, by Owl City. When I hear it in the shops, I have to sing along quietly though, to avoid being promptly murdered by younger siblings. "YOU'RE IN PUBLIC" um well it's Humbug, do I look like I care?

Also You're A Mean One, Mr Grinch, but the Small Town Titans cover (it's... basically rock or something. Not my usual tastes but excellent nonetheless.)

 9.  A favorite Christmas movie?

There are Christmas movies?

10.  Have you ever gone caroling?

 Noooo but I want to! It has simply never panned out and I am DISAPPOINTED.

11.  Ice skating, sledding, skiing, or snow boarding?


12.  Favorite Christmas feast dish?

Cold ham off the bone. I will eat so much of that stuff. 

My thanks to Miss March for tagging me, and also to Heidi, the tag's original creator! As it's February, I will... refrain from tagging any further bloggers. 😅

• • • • • • •

So a few things to wrap up. Firstly, oops. Sorry for the not-January thing, guys, and thank you for coming back and reading all the way to the end of my post! 

^ me hugging you while you attempt to actually Do Things 

just kidding I do not Hug

How has 2021 been treating you so far? I hope you're all well and ready to fight life for your goals! Never mind that Earth is apparently closed! We will get this! You have achievements just waiting for you to defeat your roadblocks!

If you're looking for something to read, The Silver Eye webcomic has lovely characters who are all perfect and also sad and sometimes mean to each other. But we love them anyway. Even the axe wielding quick healing ninja assassin, although we probably shouldn't. He's entertaining, though. Have I been spending too long chatting with other fans on Discord? probably. 

If you're joining in with this Quirk, drop me a link anywhere, anytime. 

Have a wonderful week, internet peoples <3


  1. *eyes widening behind my binoculars* IT'S A JEM. A JEM HAS BEEN SPOTTED IN HER NATURAL HABITAT.
    *squawks too excitedly and nearly falls out of the tree I'm perched in*
    Welcome back! And what is this? You brought a new Quirk with you?? It's like a February Christmas present to go with the February Christmas tag, clearly this is perfect.

    1. *the wild Jem shrieks like Gollum and hides behind a rock* AHHH A PEOPLE
      *...darts back out to push a big pile of leaves under your tree, just in case*

      If I was clever, Magneto, I'd have described the Quirk as a February Christmas present myself. As things stand, however, I must thank you for contributing that comment. xD

    2. *whispers conspiratorially* Just popped back to let you know my response to the prompt is up on my blog :)

  2. Jem! Welcome back to the blogosphere! We missed you. :)

    This new quirk prompt is amazing! I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone does with it! (And thank you so much for the shoutout!)

    "That said, I would also be low-key panicking, because Christmas is in summer here." << *laughter*

    1. No, thank you, Sam, for being such a wonderful participant in the Quirks! <3 <3

      (In all honesty, if it starts snowing here at Christmas, I'm going to go out on the beach in my togs, take a photo, and then d i e.)

    2. You're so welcome! It's always very rewarding to participate. <3

      (That's a reasonable reaction.)

      I posted my Quirk today! It's here:

    3. Hooray! I love it!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


    1) what is a Vo Vo ball? WHAT IS THIS. I AM SO CONFUZZLED.

    I just.....what. We NEED to discuss this at some point. XD

    Also! I am DETERMINED to participate in this Quirk! I'm very excited, have no ideas, and am 100% unprepared, but I AM EXCITED!

    1. KENZIE. LET ME SEE IF I HAVE ANY ANSWERS. *rummages in bag up to my shoulder as though it's got Hermione's extension charm on it* NOPE NOT LOOKING GOOD. xD

      1) It's like a rum ball, so... a no-bake coconut-covered confectionery, but instead of rum, it's flavoured like Iced VoVos. Which are a biscuit with icing and jam. (Looking up the recipe, the simplest versions seem to involve: crushing Iced VoVos; mixing with cream cheese; forming into balls and dipping in melted chocolate; covering with coconut. We're a complex people xD)
      2) Most of the trees around here are evergreens?? She-oaks do have leaves similar to a pine, though, if that eases your panic at all??

      Ah, I too am 100% unprepared, so... do it. Kenzaroo. Join me.

  4. I HAVE AN IDEA I HAVE AN IDEA. (Seriously, I know what I'm writing and I'm actually writing it this time. Please come...throw things at me if I don't follow through on this. Or something.)

    So...what are she-oaks (and what are he-oaks and do either of them differ from gender-neutral oaks?)?

    I just discovered Humbug and it is...truly fantastic. I showed it to my sister just so I could watch her facial expressions evolve from bemused to completely confused to "WHAT?!" to reluctant amusement to dying laughing. It was grand. And I would toootally sing it in public! If I ever actually...went...into public, these days.

    Also cold ham off the bone and Aetius Nimrod content are both strangely satisfying. Though it will be even more satisfying if/when Aetius and his stupid magical axe get what's coming to them (and get a lot of it. i have such conflicted feelings about him because obviously he's a HORRIBLE person funny. But that SCENE on the Novalog [when the table is cruelly stabbed]... Help.)

    Lovely to see you're not dead!

    1. If I don't see a Quirk from you, Sarah, I shall... throw Iced VoVo balls at you. *nod seriously*

      I believe she-oak can be either male or female. Unless that's a different species I'm thinking of. They look like a fluffy sort of conifer? (Incidentally, a quick google suggested that she-oaks are a noxious weed in Florida. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

      Humbug is indeed fantastic and I am so glad I could share that with you x'D (Hearing it in the shops is crazy though?? do they not realise it's a rebellion against the consumerisation of the season??)

      SARAH. Because I have been away, I missed your posts in which you mentioned TSE, so I did not realise we share that fandom!! ARE YOU IN THE DISCORD. It would be so odd if we'd been talking there and just. not realised. But YES. Aetius inspires such mixed feelings! because he's trying to stab our poor innocent Novalog crew (and told Enel to go for Melete's legs. and also helped murder Vels' family) but also he is cool?? and funny?? Laura's characters are so well done!!

    2. (Thank you, I think your threat worked. I could not have borne to have Iced VoVo balls thrown at me.)

      Okay, so they're...normal trees but...evergreens? Like spruce-ish evergreens? nvm let me just go look up a picture...okay wow that is not what I was picturing (not spruce-ish at all) but they're really pretty. I LOVE the tropical-Christmas-y vibe of them.

      WELL, THAT'S WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU GO AWAY. (just kidding) (I didn't answer this question on Kenzie's blog because I figured I might as well answer it in just the one place xD) Ahh no I am not in the Discord and have never even commented because...shy. :3 But I've been a fan for years. TSE is life. And RIGHT?!? It's fantastic and I'm jealous of her ability to make her characters know. Where we love/hate the magical healing axe wielding ninja assassin. Velvare is kind of the same way except...not as horrible as Aetius.

    3. Oh. And. I forgot a thing.

    4. *passes Iced VoVo balls to you politely as a reward instead*

      HOW DOES LAURA DO IT, NO ONE KNOWS. Velvare was one of my favourite characters, and he still is, except with a good dose of "whyyyy must you do that, be nICE, make gOOD DECISIONS-" xD

      I don't tend to comment on TSE much, but the Discord is very very friendly! Also full chaos but eh! I am self-described 'socially awkward' and managed to slip in (I do have the "I'm an Aussie, wanna hear about drop bears?" thing to use, though xD )

      YESSS. I'm not going to read your Quirk until I've written mine, but 'children and knives'?? I want. <3 Maybe I need to throw Iced VoVo balls at myself so I can read yours quicker...

    5. Thank you!

      Same! It was...actually only recently that I realized one could dislike Velvare? And that it would be totally justified? But I still love him and he'd better figure himself out because I will be HEARTBROKEN if he doesn't.

      Well, maybe I should join it then! It sounds very fun. I don't have drop bears, do you think armadillos will do? "Let me tell you about that time the armadillos ate all our bread. Also they took over the dam and all the Army CORPS offices because sECRETLY they are aLIENS - " (Armadilloes ARE secretly aliens though, this is a true fact)

      ^.^ I haven't eaten the ones you gave me yet, so they're reserved in readiness to throw, if need be. *stares menacingly*

    6. Velvare needs to wake up and be nice to Apen and Avidan and Enel and also Gudrun, why is Blue the only person he's actually friends with, that's really sad now I think about it. (Possibly Marcus counts as a friend?? despite being younger? but Marcus has gone Novalog-ing.)

      ...Armadillos will DEFINITELY do. I want to hear all about the armadillos. xD (If you decide to join us, this is the link: And I go by Jem there too, say hi!!) (Seriously though. Bring the armadillo tales, Sarah. If you tell me they are secretly aliens I'll probably believe it, they look too bizzare.)

      The Iced VoVo balls will not be necessary! I have written! *hides* *but with my mouth wide open, ready to catch if necessary*

  5. "That said, I would also be low-key panicking, because Christmas is in summer here." Heehee. Very true. :)

    Going out and getting a couple she-oaks from the creek and zip-tying them together sounds like a really creative and practical way of doing a Christmas tree. Very cool!

    Haha. If I was one of your siblings I'd probably be saying the same thing to you. "YOU'RE IN PUBLIC!" I get embarrassed really easily if anyone I know does something in public that might draw attention to us. I like to go about in as inconspicuous a manner as possible. ;)

    Thank you for filling out the tag, Jem! I enjoyed reading your answers! :)

    1. Getting embarrassed in public is very relatable... but if it's because I'm singing along to a song I love, I've decided I'm going to go for it xD (Beyond that, yes, inconspicuous is the best...)

      Thank you for tagging me, Miss March! <3

  6. YAY YOU'RE BACK *throws confetti*

    I love the prompts! I'm not sure if I'll be able to write anything this month, because college, but I'll definitely join in if I have any ideas I can't resist!

    1. *lies down in confetti and makes a confetti angel* *because a snow angel's just not happening...*

      Thanks, Becky! Join us if those ideas just won't leave you alone, but whether you do or not, I hope college goes well for you this month!

  7. WELCOME, WELCOME, WELCOME BACK and HUZZAH for a new Quirk!!! For which I am determined to write something even though at the moment I have NO IDEA what it's going to be...
    I LOVE O Come, O Come Emmanuel SO MUCH. It's definitely one of my favorite Christmas songs. It's so hauntingly beautiful.

    1. Throw something together, Charles! Write with abandon! Pour yourself over the empty page! Do it! (Am I yelling at myself at this point? yes, yes I am)

      It was probably only a few Christmases ago that I first heard O Come Emmanuel?? shocking. Hauntingly beautiful is a perfect way to describe it! There's just something about it which Does The Emotions.

  8. Hi Jem! I have wandered here following the directions of other lovely writers and I've been thoroughly enjoying my stay. I have even written a piece for this Quirk (super late, but it's fine XD) because the prompt was SO. COOL. :D Thanks for hosting this! I look forward to participating in more quirks (on time :P)

    1. Hey Elisha! A pleasure to have you wander here - would you like a welcome lamington?

      Thank you for participating! (Late? pfffft we procrastinators do not recognise that word!) [lies. we recognise it and shriek. do we change our ways? no.] Seriously, though, any time is fine for Quirks, I'm just excited to read it!


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