Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Quick survey || Jem vs. technology

On my last post, Ivie made it known to me that my sidebar isn't showing up right.

[If you can see a big white space on the left, that's where the sidebar's supposed to be.]

When I looked into it, I found that, for me, Firefox worked fine, while Chrome and IE didn't. I also discovered that the sidebar was not gone, but was off-screen: if I zoomed waaay out, it's still there (and it's pushing the footer down too far). Like so:

I spent such a long time going through forums, which said mostly that the probable cause is A) copying content from Word or somewhere else, which brought incompatible formatting with it, or B) an unclosed <div> somewhere.

Then I spent sUCH. A LONG. TIME. going through all my posts. (I'm just glad I don't have more, which is not something I usually say.) And while I found (and ruthlessly ironed out) some frankly disgusting HTML,

I can't find the problem.

So I need a favour.

Could you please write and tell me:
1. What browser are you using?
2. Can you see the sidebar?
3. If not, do you have any idea when you last saw it?

I would really appreciate it. Your comment doesn't have to be long or flowery. I typically worry that my comments will seem terse if they're too short, but if you write even just write one-word answers, I will be very grateful for the information.

Thank you for aiding me in the fight against the technology. I know with your assistance I can crush its rebellion.

...thank you, Strax. I'll keep your advice in mind. 


  1. Oh, this must be frustrating for you! I'm in firefox, and the sidebar is showing up perfectly. :)

  2. Since I waffle back and forth between two browsers, I checked both. On Firefox it shows up perfectly. On Edge (a very uncommon browser) it doesn't show up at all. Hope you get it fixed with minimum headache - technology can be a huge pain!

  3. I'm on Chrome and it's not showing up. I'm not sure when it disappeared, but I want to say it was within the past two weeks or so. Hope that helps and hopefully it'll resolve itself soon!

  4. I use Edge and Chrome. It doesn't show on either. The sidebar has been gone since I came to your blog, so I've never seen the sidebar. However, if I zoom out to 33%, I can see the sidebar. So I followed you like that, but I can hardly read anything if I stay zoomed out like that.
    Hopefully this helps you out. <3

  5. I use edge, normally, and it doesn't show up, like Zane said. I also have the mobile version on my phone and that does not show it either, but that's normal. Good luck figuring it out. If you have to you could always try changing the template and starting over. Not ideal, but... ;/

  6. I use Chrome and I don't see it and I'm sorry because I meant to tell you and it just slipped my mind. At first I just thought it was you adjusting and tweaking things. I last saw it ... oh goodness lets see it was a while back and I usually read on my phone so it's coonfusing ... I know I was trying to find the archives once and couldn't so I had to scroll all the way down. I'll go refresh my mind by looking at your past posts and come back and let you know. Hold on...

  7. Sorry about it Jem, I'm thinking it may have disappeared around 'tragic dialogue' or a bit before but I'm not certain :( It was quite a whiles back actually *sigh*

  8. I use the plain Internet Explorer Browser, as Google Chrome is used for work (I keep stuff separate). With both web pages, the sidebar is not visible - UNLESS I zoom waaaaay out, and then it's there, all small and tiny.

  9. Out of curiosity, what happens if you change your layout to something different (put the sidebar on the other side or below or above or something)? Would it also be /weird/ or would it be aligned correctly?

  10. I'm on chrome, not showing. Sorry. :/

  11. *squints* I don't remember it being gone until I opened this post but THAT COULD JUST BE MY BAD MEMORY. XD But yeah. I'm on chrome and I can't see it.

  12. Thank you, everyone, for your assistance! I unfortunately haven't been able to figure out the problem, so I might have to ask Blogger's official help people. (Something I have figured out: writing code is waaay easier than debugging code. Ugh.)

    Once again, thank you so much for the help you gave. I really appreciate it - you guys are awesome. <3

  13. Okay, so I started thinking about what I might have done within the last two months. *frowns* It turns out that the guilty code was the innocent-looking border I'd put along the right side of the page - it messed with the widths, which pushed the left column out of its spot.

    (After all that time spent digging through old posts' code, looking for an unclosed tag... *groans*)

    I think it's good now? I checked it on Chrome and Internet Explorer, but if it's still no good, please tell me.

    THANK YOU ALL FOR HELPING WITH THIS. (and I hope you enjoy having the gadgets column back ;)
    - Jem <3

  14. I think you've got it fixed! I'm on google chrome and I can see everything just fine! Sorry you had such trouble with it. Computer problems are NOT fun. :(


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